Thursday, July 27, 2006

Howard Dean & Katherine Harris Stalin

BOO FUCKING HOO, you Republican pussies, and fuck you, for whimpering when Howard Dean says anything with balls. You always do. Last time you all complained when Dean spoke truthfully in saying that the GOP was "pretty much a white Christian party." And you heard my fulmination, backed up by facts that your party is as white as the fish belly, half as appealing, and twice as slimey.

Now here’s the latest. The DRUDGE HEADLINE – "Compares FL GOP candidate Katherine Harris to Stalin..." – links to this shitty newspaper, quoting Dean as saying: "She doesn't understand that it’s…improper to be chairman of a campaign and count the votes at the same time. This is not Russia and she is not Stalin."

Um, wait, she is NOT Stalin? Musn’t be a "comparison," then. Why isn’t there a headline that Dean "compares" the USA to "Russia?" IT IS BECAUSE HE DOESN’T.

Look, GBDH realizes that literary analysis is beyond the brief of the mainstream conservative media, and that irrelevant Latin rhetorical terms like occupatio mean nothing to the suburban SUV driving masses who mysteriously have the right to vote. But the point here is about a thing called, um, THE LAW, and Dean’s point is that, yeah, it took the Supreme Court of Activist Judges to rewrite the law (governing recounts in Florida) and appoint their ass fucked wit of a friend George Bush as president – with the help of Madam Katherine Harris Stalin, whose facelift is bested by Nefertiti's to this day.

Let's take...

THE GOLD PLEDGE: Democrats, if you want our votes, you must pledge to STOP FUCKING APOLOGIZING for the mean things you say about dumbass, corrupt Republicans. STOP IT! WHO GIVES A FUCK IF REPUBLICANS COMPLAIN? LET THEM.

Next on GBDH... Why Israel negotiates with the terrorists after all!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bush’s Lame Language Games

Concerning Bin Laden’s latest audio message, our Thief in Chief says: "If authentic, the tape demonstrates yet again that bin Laden and al-Qaida continue to use the media to justify their dark vision and war against humanity." What’s interesting is this new twist, "the media," a phrase that often means, well, "the media" as we know it, not some stupid ass hand held audio cassette recorder in the mountains of Pakistan.

Sounds like Bush is redefining terms for the election. Sounds like Bush has accepted the sage advice of the recently outed plagiarist, Anne Coulter (see her column of 6.28.06), who suggests that the New York Times committed treason in disclosing what everyone already knew: that the Bush administration authorized the combing of bank records world wide in search of terrorist transactions.

It’s the stupidest sort of Republikkkan language game, but works very well with the equally stupid voter who has the attention span the size of Cheney's retracted Dick. Just keep saying the phrase, "the media," "the media," "the media," and morons nationwide will accept this trash as truth much like "WMD," "WMD," "WMD" or "Saddam Hussein/9-11," "Saddam Hussein/9-11," "Saddam Hussein/9-11" or "cut and run," "cut and run," "cut and run." The word media is really SCARY.

Sure, the media sucks, but that’s why we have GOLDBLACKDEVILHEAD.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


"Hey guys, let’s go on a road trip from Georgia to California in my shitty ass car that’s over THIRTY YEARS OLD and has FOAM flying off left and right. Nevermind that my other two cars of the same exact model either EXPLODED not two miles outta my neighborhood or INCINERATED as I was pulling into the driveway. WE MUST USE THIS VEHICLE! COME ON!"

Fuck that shit.