Sunday, January 08, 2006

Republicans Are Ugly

Gander at one of two dickheads who will likely replace Tom "Palpatine" Delay as House Majority Leader. First Howdy Doody Head, Roy Blunt ("Small Dick"):

You sure you hate gays? And then the Boner, John Boehner:

"My eyes are fuzzy with evil."

The cliche that the Republican Party never "looks like America" could not be more fitting here. If you know anyone who looks like this, then put it in your butthole mouth.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Ubi sunt . . . .

I really have mixed feelings about the case of Coni Staton, the mother accused of lady-handling a 6 year-old boy who harassed her own ugly child. Check out the educationalist vid!!! (That means you, too, Locust-the-Lazy, recently exposed to neglect clicking links.) See, I just can’t decide whether I want to be on the Noble Citizens Award Committee to nominate Ms. Staton for a public service medal or on the jury for her pending trial, so that I can have a hand in letting this woman get off scot-free with a counter suit award for slander and libel. You decide!!!

She hardly even tousles the stupid fucking kid. And at any rate, growing up in the 70s, ANY ADULT could potentially do this to you right in a goddamned Kmart or at Six Flags. Knowledge of that potentiality kept my ass in line, kept me from wrecking the Trans-Am, and produced the model citizen that I am, respecting adults and serving as a pillar of this community.

What a shame how times have changed. Gone are the days when a fat ass red-neck mom would set your dumb ass straight.