Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with Mike Wallace: The 60 Minutes Interview (Unedited)

Update, yep: CBS fucking sucks: "This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner CBS Corporation because its content was used without permission." Is permission all that's needed, or is a buttload of money necessary? The protection of CBS's content means more than the education of a viewing public over which they claim proprietary rights in their dissemination of confected programing, the trite bells and whistles of retarded non news reports. Is it not enough that the hoary Mike Wallace (who, btw, desperately needs to study world history) and the name "60 Minutes" is all over the fucking video when it is posted on youtube? How is that an illegal transmission if it's not reproduced for profit but instruction? SOME WAY TO REALIZE THE LIBERATING POTENTIAL OF THE MEDIA!

. . . .anyway, go HERE for the video.

I’m with UK’s deputy prime minister, John Prescott: "Bush is crap." I’d add: our president is a fraction of the statesman, orator, and dare I say genius in realpolitik, global polity, and common sense Ahmadinejad is. If you think you are supposed to be pissed off at Bush YET still somehow frightened at what the supposed lunatic, terrorist President of Iran might do, then think again, because your feelings are only those – feelings, shaped by the same idiotic neo-con point of view that has Ahmadinejad spinning on the Axis of EVIL; feelings, that are no better than the most trite of bumper stickers. You are hereby contractually obligated to view this unedited interview of Ahmadinejad, conducted by Mike Wallace, a senescent dolt in his own right, as you will soon see. If you don’t view these, you are cheating yourself, your mind, your claim to any sort of critical intelligence, and – dare I say – your own right to citizenship.

60 Minutes Interview with Ahmadinejad, President of Iran (Unedited & in 7 Parts)








Monday, August 14, 2006

How To Wait Your Turn at McDonald's, and Why Your Stupid Ass Should

[Update: the story below has now been picked up by the national media AFTER it was declared here first on GOLDBLACKDEVILHEAD as news worthy and ontologically indicative. GBDH supposes that a certain local server is crashing right about now.]

I love this story, included below, for three reasons.

First, it communicates the utter pettiness of humanity and its desire to eat the filth and death that McDonalds serves. Commentary enough.

Second, hurray for the "disgruntled McDonald’s customer" for acting against the Thomases’ utter lack of civic respect. You don’t dart ahead of people, or cut in line: THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE WORLD BESIDES YOU. Likewise, if you are waiting in line for a movie and another ticket window opens up, you allow those ahead of you to walk up to it; if a self-checkout lane at Kroger opens up, the person waiting in front of you proceeds to it before you. Why do not people understand this? If a Jeep running you down is the consequence of your inability to bear an ounce of social conscience, would you behave better? I wish to slap your kids on the airplane and make the world a better place. I digress.

Third, hurray for Alberto Gonzales, our nation’s Tourniquet General. He may well have a good case for torture in the "disgruntled McDonald’s customer," who demotes herself to subhumanity and has a road rage freak out in a fucking parking lot. She does not qualify as a "person" according to any post-Enlightenment manifesto I've read. One is guaranteed to get no "information" from this suspect apart from the fact that she is a moron in the ninetheenth-century sense of the term.

* * * *

Headline: Woman sought after hitting patrons with car at restaurant

Police still were searching Sunday for a disgruntled McDonald's customer who ran into two other customers with her car after a dispute over who was next in line to order breakfast.
At about 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Melinda Ann Thomas, 34, and Linda Ann Thomas, 51, were standing in a crowded line at the McDonald's on Gaines School Road waiting to order breakfast, according to police. When a cashier opened a new line, they zipped to the front of it - a move that drew the ire of at least one customer waiting for her chance at a McGriddle that morning. According to the report, an unidentified woman, who had been in front of the Thomases in the original line, started yelling at them for cutting in line and threatened to kill them for the offense.

The woman, who was described as white with brown hair in her mid-20s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 150 pounds, left the restaurant before the Thomases and stayed in the parking lot, sitting in her dark blue Jeep Cherokee, according to witnesses cited in the report. The vehicle's license plate number was not noted in the report, but witnesses said the Jeep had fog lamps.

As the Thomases made their way to their car, witnesses said the woman pulled out of her parking space, backed up and then sped toward the ladies - striking them both with the passenger side of the Jeep. According to the report, neither victim was injured severely.
The woman now is being sought by police on charges of aggravated assault.