Monday, March 31, 2008

Female Flirtation

Interesting article: students at Indiana University “were shown photographs of women and asked to categorise them as friendly, sexually interested, sad or rejecting. The male students were far less accurate than the females at interpreting the body language, and were particularly baffled by the difference between flirty and friendly gestures.”
The researchers also found that women overestimate men's ability to pick up on sexual signals. They argue that many females wrongly believe that the men are well aware of their attempts to woo, but are just not interested in responding. In contrast, women are very aware that males get the wrong end of the stick when they are simply being friendly.

Best- selling author Kathy Lette said the research proved that women are far more fluent in body language. "It is really confusing for women," she said. "The average bloke either doesn't realise that we fancy him until we are giving birth to his children in the labour ward; or he presumes all women fancy him all the time.”

Jamesinthegiantpeach in the UK, chimes in, saying: “Many men would rather just ignore the signs women throw out than misinterpret them and risk getting into trouble. Women, if you want sex or whatever, don't play these stupid games, tell the guy I think you're hot and get on with it.”

Edward from London says: “The other way of interpreting this is that women are not very good at communicating clearly. The dysfunction in communication is generally the sender's responsibility, not the receivers.”

So what's the deal? I personally never had trouble like this, so perhaps men are stupid and can be criticized for never "closing," but let's hear from some women about this.

Saturday, March 29, 2008